Current Trends in Housing Market 2019

Villas with swimming pool in thrissur

As far as the major towns are concerned about the residential villas and apartments, the real estate business sector of God’s Own Country, Kerala is showing a drastic hike with the increasing population. Even the young blood is welcoming investments through a real estate property from premium developers. Due to the current demonetization policy …

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Sustainability Trends that You can Implement at Home

Gated community with 24 hrs security

Practicing sustainability has always been important! We know that people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors. Recently, we have witnessed an enormous push to think about sustainability as a “good thing to do”. Green homes are designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. They don’t just cut down the wastage of water …

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Why it’s Time for Nature-Centred Home and Workplace Designs

luxury apartment and flat in thrissur

Do you have any idea how many apartment and flat communities have a nature-based name? Tons. Do you know how many of these same communities pay attention to the landscape architecture at their gated community? Little to none. It never ceases to amaze us how villas, apartments and flats builders use a nature-based theme …

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Benefits of buying apartments and villas in Trichur

Gated community projects in Thrissur

Looking for a property in Thrissur? Feeling confused to arrive at the right decision? Over the past years, many tourists are attracted to Kerala because of its varied heritage and natural beauty. Despite many natural attractions, Kerala is bestowed with many other facilities and its highly developed infrastructure makes it a house of rejoice …

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Discover the incredible ideas while buying flats and apartments in Kerala

flats and apartments in Kerala

I am really cherished and beyond happiness to share my joy of owning a house after searching for flats and apartments in Kerala. I may be a little talky, more than enough, but I have to address my contentment together with Haritha Homes, one among the best builders in Kerala. I would like to …

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Indoor Plants to Make Eco Friendly Villas

villas, apartments and flats builders in Thrissur

  Do you feel like your home could also hold a tender touch of green? Haritha Homes, villas, apartments and flats builders in Thrissur is really fond of building eco friendly villas. Adding indoor plants in your home can instantaneously develop a lively mood by making the space in a refreshing way. Decorating your …

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Top trend setters in home building

developers in thrissur

Your home is a unique space for you. It is designed as per your life style, your needs and based on your artistic taste. As top innovators in home building, premium Developers In Thrissur has the proficiency and supreme skills to build you a home that is in blend with latest designing techniques and which …

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11 Mistakes to avoid when buying a new property

developers in thrissur

  When you buy a home you are emotionally and financially attached to it. If everything turns out to be in favor to you then you have a safe sanctum all for yourself. But if it not then you will be in for a great amount of disappointment.This is why buying a home or …

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9 Useful Features That a Smart Home Need

flats in Thrissur

  Your ideal dream home can be simple, contemporary or luxurious but your home to be smart is something which requires the level of smartness that is out of the box. Smart home is what the generation of today ask for instead of the usual normal homes. People are willing to invest in a …

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luxury flats and villas in Thrissur

We are the prime builders to courageously announce the single-walled community living in Thrissur with expertise in building eco-friendly residential properties including luxury flats and villas in Thrissur. We provide you with the international standards of living with modern amenities. Haritha can assure you the committed technical team with experience and expertise in engineering …

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