What Makes A Well-Rounded Township?

The idea of community living is fast catching up. There are several benefits to living in a township facility.   Bigger is better In nature, there are all kinds of creatures, small and big. Bigger ones tend to live longer. Larger corporates tend to be more stable than small companies. In short, to be …

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The word ‘luxury’ can mean different things to different people. For some, it is quietude and living in the midst of natural beauty. For others, it is being able to enjoy all comforts of life and live in a healthy, happy community. Whatever your definition of luxury is, we Haritha Homes, the most prestigious …

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Haritha stands for “greenery”. Our integrated township in Thrissur- Luxury villas,flats and apartments in thrissur the first of its kind in Kerala, stands true to its name, being the greenest project ever completed in Thrissur. Our project has allotted a big portion of land exclusively to maintain the natural trees and fauna of the …

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Breathe Fresh Air With House Plants In Your Luxury Apartments, Villas & Flats

With today’s fast growing population, it is extremely difficult to maintain less air pollution. With increase in number of buildings and decrease in courtyard area, it is really difficult to have a wonderful and big garden as before. But the Haritha Homes – Luxury Apartments,Villas & Flats in Thrissur – community was just the …

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Meditation And Mindfulness – Haritha Campus

Mindfulness describes way of being in the world . The benefits of meditation and mindfulness seem to be all over the news. In the mindfulness and meditation of breathing practice we use the breath as an object of awareness. We follow the physical sensations of the breath which is flows from in and out …

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Haritha Homes The Best Choice For Habitat- Thrissur Villas

A dream house – Thrissur villas is the common thing that each and every individual does dream about, but the thing to analyze is that how many individuals are able to see the dream come true. You may dream about home in the heart of nature, with a good community living atmosphere and many …

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Our Campus – Haritha Homes

Would you like to prefer any apartments in Thrissur? We offer you Haritha Homes. It is one of the prefect new luxury villas, flat, apartments, and houses in Thrissur. We would like to give you a sparkling mood from the green nature. Preferring Haritha Homes will bring nature to your door. When your living …

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Things To Be Kept In View Before Selecting A Villa Or An Apartment

A decision related to purchasing of a Villa or an Apartment cannot be made just in a fraction of seconds. There are many things to be take into notice before deciding about the purchase of a villa or an apartment as it is not a frequently changeable decision or investment. The below listed are …

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Haritha Goes Green!

Green & Eco Friendly Because the environment is important to us, Haritha Homes – Ready to occupy flat in thrissur built in a campus of 12 acres of pristine virgin land is one of the most eco friendly residential projects in Thrissur| Ready To Occupy Flats In Thrissur. This vast area ensures abundant free flow …

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Make Your Apartment A Relaxation Zone

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s easy to let our stress get the better of us. The key to tackling unwanted feelings of stress and anxiety is close to home. Actually, a tranquil and relaxing home might be just what the doctor ordered. Keep reading to discover how to transform you bachelor, studio, or one …

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