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10 Common Mistakes Home buyers Make

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by Haritha Homes

Buying your new home can be disconcerting especially if it’s your first home.

It’s exciting but full of complexities. As someone searching for villas in thrissur for a new home, you sometimes have a lot of confusion about locations, hundreds of builders and developers, and thousands of home options to choose from. You should be bothered about the mistakes you don’t want to make.

 Here are some common mistakes.

1. Not doing proper research and Homeworks

You need to research the current market and value of  villas for sale in thrissur. A lot of things can affect a home’s value. It is mainly location; then comes the design, amenities, the credentials of the builders in Thrissur, and of course the price.

It is important to research while buying a new home. With all of the information available through friends, advertisements, on the internet, and online social media, there is no excuse for entering the process ill-prepared.

Realize the neighborhood – remember you’re not just buying  villas in Thrissur; you’re also buying a location. It’s important to find out about the quality of schools, the crime level, transport, and possibly upcoming zoning issues .

2. Choosing an improper location

Location is one of the most important factors. Good connectivity is essential for a home. It is close to good schools, commuting made easy with good roads and access to public transport and you like the plan of the home and its suits for family needs. But if there are any drawbacks including that the locality is slightly infamous, there are some never-ending shortage of water and electricity. The vehicular traffic and noise levels are a bit high. Nothing spoils life and resale value like a poor location. The crime rates will rise higher, and the traffic will only get louder and more frequent. Not to say of other infrastructural deficiencies.

3.Trying to make an astute investment

Someone from your brotherhood might have made futurities, by investing and selling it at a most seasonable time. But, you should bet your hard-earned money only on attainable projects, trusted builders, and without any bias on spending money as you wish. Your encouragement for buying a dream home should be either to meet your family’s needs or as a disdainful hand for your kids tomorrow.

If you select a neighborhood where you want to reside, choose a home that suits your ambitions, and a builder who has a quality in executing projects on time, you won’t go wrong. Otherwise, if you want to be known as an astute investor, wait at least three to five years before selling.

4. Going beyond your budget

Every home vendee knows the feeling – you’re looking for a home that fits your budget, but that much more high-priced property just looks that much more attractive.  

However, buying a home that’s way out of your price range could well move your fund in the tomorrow.

It’s human nature to expect more than we can afford, and there’s always a real estate agent who’ll take it to the next level.

But don’t be panic – the bank has usually provided you a borrowing boundary based on your ability to refund the loan.

5. Not bothering about what our family wants and how they live

You have a lot of imaginations about your dream home you treasured for long. You have seen the images of home in television, movies, home magazines, and on social media platforms. But those imaginary homes do not fit in today’s life.

Your home needs to fit your family. The comfort zone of your family depends upon how it fits correctly.

While buying a home, you need to think about the behavior of the neighborhood. Always go for a project that offers a peaceful atmosphere and a host of amenities that keep your free time refreshing.

6. Not organizing a proper home inspection

When you find your new home, it is very important to verify the property. You should examine every important corner of your home build. Right from the location and neighborhood to the quality and workmanship of the materials.

You may seek help from a professional to check your potential dream home.

You need to go through the quality of the design, the value of the structure, and the services assured by the builder, etc. The most trusty method is to trust a professional builder and visit their past projects, check their list of completed works and quality in their works in villas for sale in Thrissur.

7. Over excitement and impatient

There are a lot of things you can choose easily and recover from later. But buying a dream home is not much easy. It requires a large amount of time, effort, and continuous research. You should search impatiently and need to choose the best location where it’s easy to go to the office, school, and hospital facilities, etc.

The builder’s reputation is a must considering factor. A professional builder has fame for providing quality and protection to lives. Go for the constructor rather than the project features.

8. Failing to check the builder’s fame

When you search for a new home, you will probably have a location preference and you would shortlist several builders in Thrissur.

Focus on architecture that suits your needs and at the same time, you should look at the builders and their quality of work.

Ask some questions and try to find the answers like How long have they been in business? How many homes have they sold? What do their homeowners think of them? How many households would buy from the same builders in Thrissur again? What industry recognition have they received? Do they have separate departments for Customer Care and After Sales Service?

If you get answers to these questions, then you can easily decide to buy.

9. Do not understanding the real estate agent’s role

Real estate agents are affable and friendly people and in the case of buying a home, you will spend a lot of time with different agents.

However, the home buyer should be wise enough to understand about the sellers.

They’re lawfully and virtuously obliged to work for their client the seller.

However perceptive home buyers know how to level the playing field by engaging a buyers’ agent to represent their interests.

10. Major home-buying mistake… postpone it indefinitely.

If you are not planning to buy a home or trying to postpone it. Then it will be a major mistake. Then there will be no control over your earnings and savings. There is no value sense of your assets. There is no happy and comfortable place for your family and friends to gather. And the dream will always remain as a dream it could not fill.

Haritha Homes comes from the leading builders in Thrissur, accordingly it is a paragon  type and mitigation that guarantees extraordinary  villas in thrissur. So the best method to solve these 10 mistakes is to choose Haritha Homes to match your dream home concepts.They will provide ultimate comfort and satisfaction for the homeowners. Thus Haritha Homes is your one-stop destination for apartments and villas for sale in thrissur. Get the best apartments in thrissur in a few clicks! Contact for more details.

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