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An Attractive Choice for Busy Professional

by Haritha Homes
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 Many professionals choose apartment living over home ownership. The flexibility that renting provides is a perfect solution for professionals in dynamic careers.Access to transit services is close by or you can find properties right downtown! HarithHomes gives a chance to make your apartment professional.

Apartment living is clearly a great choice, but how do you turn those eggshell-white walls into a comfortable home to match your professional lifestyle? It’s not as hard as you might think!

Add Colour!

The walls are the background of your home and set the tone for each room. White walls in apartments can make an Flats and apartments seem cold and institutional. Make yourself feel truly at home by dressing up the walls.
If you paint, select a light or neutral colour. Many lease or rental agreements require that you return the walls to their original colour when you move-out. Lighter colours are much easier to paint over than dark, bold colours and they can make small rooms look larger.
If you don’t want to paint, you can still dress up your walls with wall hangings, fabric, removable wallpaper boarders and stickers, stencils or artwork.

Create a Theme

A staple of a student apartment is mix-and-match furniture. Professionals often hang onto these not-so-treasured heirlooms far longer than necessary. Pull the room together by getting rid of those worn-out hand-me-downs and invest in furniture that compliments your style and taste. Accent your room with decorations and colours that create unity.Focus on Functionality
Apartment living is all about functionality. Create a useful space that is also stylish by dressing up your storage space. Unique wall-shelves make a statement and make use of vertical space. Doors on cabinets and shelves create a clean and organized look by keeping otherwise cluttered looking items out of sight.

Less is more

Clutter shrinks rooms. When decorating a small space, chose a few key pieces and keep the knickknacks to a minimum. Create the illusion of more space by choosing furniture and accessories that have clean light lines and let light pass through the room.
Use doors and dividers that are made from glass or mirrors. Find furniture that has exposed legs and light materials. Hanging lights, shelves and plants can increase vertical space and keep the floor from feeling heavy.
The current projects of Haritha Homes in Trichur are “Haritha Life” and “Haritha Greens”. They are both unique developments in their own right, and together form part of one harmonious symbiotic layout.
80 luxury villas and 80 luxury apartments within a twelve acre campus have been designed as part of an exclusive resort-like single wall community to bring you international standards of luxury and comfort in Trichur.

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