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by Haritha Homes

Due to the global spread of  novel coronavirus is keeping people at home. Everybody is stucking inside home and everything resumes inside home.Due to the Lockdown  people are encouraged to stay at home. Everybody started work from home. The  employers are encouraging or requiring people to work from home for an indeterminate amount of time.

 Our daily routine is changing and we need to find a better and comfortable way to create our office atmosphere inside home.If you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle, you’ll need to change usual habits and find out routines to make working from home a success.

The daily adjustments for working from home are necessary and therefore it is important to think of strategies and methodologies to be much more productive and avoid all the distractions we have at home.

Thus here are some tips that will help you stay productive while working from home.

1.Create a personal work space

For productive working hours experts say that we need to create a determined and useful space to do professional work and essential to have an atmosphere similar to an office. It is necessary to avoid unwanted distractions at home during working hours. Physical space at home should be adjusted to create a mental space beneficial to optimizing time either for study or for working from home.

2. Plan and follow daily routine

Planning a daily routine is essential for productive working hours. Need to organize time around daily activities including time for work and time for pleasure time.  Working in office attire will make you feel you are in the office and it will make some discipline and resemble the office atmosphere. You may recreate office space by creating the same appearance inside your cabine .

3.Taking care of your mental well-being

It has been days and weeks of daily routine changes  have affected the mental health of many people. Good mental health is necessary for everyone as it helps us cope with life’s stresses and reach our goal. Lack of interaction, communication with friends and colleagues will cause  illnesses that destroy mental peace and well-being such as anxiety or depression by working from home. So find time to build healthy relationships with colleagues . And do speak to your friend who makes your mental health better . Find out some ways to please your mind.

4. Taking Breaks at Work

While you are following your routine , work shouldn’t become  tedious. Take regular breaks just like the ones you take while at the office. It will allow you to come back to your tasks with enthusiasm. Breaks at work help keep you concentrated on your tasks at hand, which keeps productivity up. They can also help to grow motivation and creativity. Getting a little bit of exercise throughout the day – even if it’s just walking around for a few minutes – is very important.

 5.Stay connected with others

During quarantine while working from home try to find some time to connect with others. Arrange  Virtual Lunches, Coffee chats, Encourage Groups Chats etc. It will build good relationships with colleagues as well as friends. Connections will improve working capability and give good productivity. Working remotely from home doesn’t mean being alone so make a good atmosphere for your work.

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