Breathe Fresh Air With House Plants In Luxury Villas in Thrissur
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Breathe Fresh Air With House Plants In Your Luxury Apartments, Villas & Flats

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by Haritha Homes

With today’s fast growing population, it is extremely difficult to maintain less air pollution. With increase in number of buildings and decrease in courtyard area, it is really difficult to have a wonderful and big garden as before.

But the Haritha Homes – Luxury Apartments,Villas & Flats in Thrissur – community was just the right size eco-friendly projects in thrissur. The environment inside the complex was very green . All the villas in thrissur , flats in thrissur and apartments in thrissur promote growing indoor plants especially in Haritha Campus.


Luxury villas in thrissur

The main risk faced by people living in a confined area is polluted indoor air. With less space and more furniture the air we breathe is extremely harmful. There are many harmful chemicals such as xylene, formaldehyde etc associated with indoor air. These chemicals cause various diseases like headache, eye irritation and respiratory diseases. There are many products available in the market which helps in purifying the indoor air. But there are many harmful effects associated with these man-made ones. These products may be as harmful as the chemicals.

Eco friendly flats

In 1998, NASA has found that growing indoor plants can help in cleaning the indoor air. NASA’s Clean Air Act has promoted the usage of indoor plants, than using the chemicals. The indoor plants can purify the air and thus helps in breathing better air. NASA has listed various plants that can be used indoor. The selection of the plants should be taken with a lot of precautions, as many plants can cause toxic effect in pets such as dogs and cats. The indoor plants can also be sometimes producing certain toxic effect in human if they are taken care properly. The plants should be placed in such a way that the water drainage system for plants is properly done. If needed the plants should be exposed to sunlight. With all the conditions and expense, it is better to grow an indoor plant than using an artificial method to produce clean air. Indoor pollution also adds up to the increasing air pollution our world is facing today. Air pollution can adversely affect the economic growth is a significant way. So this simple step of growing indoor plant can have an impact in reducing air pollution and also in breathing pure air.

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