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11 Mistakes to avoid when buying a new property

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by Haritha Homes

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When you buy a home you are emotionally and financially attached to it. If everything turns out to be in favor to you then you have a safe sanctum all for yourself. But if it not then you will be in for a great amount of disappointment.This is why buying a home or property should not be done impulsively without consulting the experts and proper grougn work. These are a few mistakes to avoid while buying a new home suggested by best properties/builders in kerala /tcr They are:

    1. Not enough budget

Many people overestimate their financial capabilities and underestimate their monetary limitations. Never jump into conclusions by deciding that you have enough budget with you. Make sure you check as many times as possible with the experts and create a clear budget considering your current available source of money and your monthly expenses. For instance if you are planning to buy a home and you are out of money then you will lose the best opportunity to buy a new home. Because if you take hasty decisions everything will go downwards.


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    2. Wrong location at an affordable price

Another biggest mistake is choosing wrong location at affordable price. When you think of buying a home for yourself affordable price is what you will go for. You need to analyze the amount at which you are buying your home and also its location. Don’t opt for a location just because its affordable but opt for the good location for your home which is also affordable. Make sure to check whether it meets all the criterias like safety, security, easy commuting etc. Many Flats and apartments in Thrissur are affordable at the same time in the best locations.

    3. Not calculating the fixed and variable expenses

Again this is a mistake most of us do while buying a home. Other than fixed monthly installments that needs to be paid, there are various recurring expenses associated with buying a home/property. Make sure that you are ready to take care of extra expenses. Also before spending money consult with the builder on whether they demand such extra expenses. Then calculate the extra expense with your budget and reconsider the overall budget that you have planned. Because you can save unnecessary expense in the name of buying a new flat.

    4. Not understanding the terms of the agreement.

Many buyers don’t actually go through the legal terms of agreement thoroughly or even if they do read they don’t understand the terms and stay unaware of the important things given in them. You should always go through the agreement and be aware of the legal terms.If you have difficulty in handling it alone never hesitate to take help from an advocate who can help you in understanding the documents.

    5. Payment of small amount before the loan is sanctioned

A small amount of money is paid to the builder while buying a property when your loan is sanctioned. Some people have a preconceived notion that token amount should be paid when the deal is finalised with the builder but this absolutely incorrect. If your home loan is sanctioned make sure you pay a small amount to the builder before finalizing the deal. Villas builders in thrissur provides its customers with good buying experience

    6. Not taking legal assistance

Legal assistance is not something that we need only during fraud or any other disputes related to property. But it is also essential to take legal assistance before you think of buying a home/property. Because you never know when a problem might arise and you don’t know how to deal with it.

property for sale in thrissur

    7. Choosing of unreliable Real estate agent

There are many real estate agents available in the market that at times we tend to get confused in choosing the right agent. But it very important to choose the most reliable because they can help you deal with the builders rather than you being the sole communicator. A best real estate agent can help you in having negotiations with the builder if needed.

    8. Not doing a thorough inspection of the property

Before you decide to buy the property do thorough inspection in and around the property. You should also ensure that the builders are transparent as transparency is the most important factor builders lack and they should brief you about the insides of the property and also allow you for campus visits. Most developers in trichur ensure their customer a visit to their properties so that customer has the satisfaction of inspecting the home himself/herself. Finest Villas, apartments and flat builders in Thrissur promises its customers with transparency in their work

    9. Don’t get influenced by peers or the market

You should get over your emotional thinking and decide what you want instead of listening to your peers. Because you are the one who is going to get a home and not your peers. For instance don’t buy a home just because it has what your friends or other people want. Another factor that influences your mind while buying a property is condition of the market. Focus on getting a home than the ups and downs of the market. So if you want a home you desire then go for it!

    10. Being indecisive

When you plan to buy a home and when you have visited a few ideal homes you tend to get confused with lot of options. But being indecisive will cost you real bad. There are many buyers like you who are waiting to buy the same home for themselves. So don’t waste time thinking but utilize it to invest in something useful. Because there are buyers waiting to grab the opportunity. So beware!

    11. Buying too expensive home

A most common mistake among the home buyers is buying too expensive homes. If you have enough money that’s a different situation. But otherwise try to avoid buying too expensive home which in long run will be a burden to you. Imagine buying yourself an expensive villa and there is no garden area where you can plant tree. It will be total waste of your money. Most villa builders in Thrissur provide its customers homes with greenery around the home as part of their go green initiative.

One Bonus tip: Choosing a property without knowing the neighborhood

Now that you have found your dream home and you are ready to sign the agreement. Just to be on safe side that your neighborhood is not a nuisance or if it is near to any industry go to the locality and talk to people. This way you can know the pro’s and con’s of your neighborhood. Apartments, flats and villas in thrissur are private and blend with nature

Hence, these 11 common mistakes to avoid when you plan to buy a new home. Keep in mind these pointers when you plan to buy a home for yourself and your family and also consult local experts and then finalize whether you want the best or you are satisfied with the given options.So that ultimately you can have an amazing home for you and your family. Because everybody deserves the best and that too without any hurdles.

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