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by Haritha Homes

Nature is considered to be the gift of God. The very existence of human being is contingent upon the environment he is in. serious efforts are being made these days to safeguard our nature and people are bothered about the deterioration of our nature. Most of the developers in Thrissur are aiming for the same. These are the major reasons why the nature should be conserved.



Maintain ecological balance    

Forest is regarded as the primary natural resource, if cutting of forest continue in this trend, there will be no tree soon and no tree means no oxygen, and no oxygen means no human beings and species. Some of the Flats and apartments in Kerala are build without harming the ecological balance. As we all know that each and every species is important for the ecological balance to sustain and the nature to grow.  In order to maintain ecological balance we should pay serious attention to the issue of deforestation and conserving nature.


Petrol is one of the major natural resources and it’s price is hiking as the days are passing. The main reason for the same is the extensive use of petrol. We should look into our future generation’s needs and prolong it for the coming generation.


Polluting water, should be ceased as the amount of fresh water in our nature is decreasing day by day. Construction of eco-friendly houses can reduce the wastage of water. Using very least quantity of water can really help in maintaining the overall balance of the nature. There was a latest news that some of the water resources are getting polluted in Thrissur and some of the properties in Thrissur are responsible for it. This scenario should change and that will bring forth better results.


Its a known fact that human beings are nothing without oxygen, and the only provider of natural oxygen is our trees which are our most important resources and factually growing trees reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in nature and increases the level of oxygen alternatively.


In order to satisfy our selfish need we cut down forests, which not only harm our ecosystem, but is home to many other people, which we destroyed for our needs and by that we also dismantle an option to use these resources in the future. There are 300 million people around the world, living in the forest extensively and also depends on forest for their food resource, livelihoods, medications and source of jobs. The number of people depending on forest for their living is more than 1.6 million according to the report of FAO. About ten million people are having jobs in forest departments. 60 million people solely depend on forest in every aspect. We cultivate the wood for the furniture we use from forests, wood for fireworks purposes and papers.

These are the basic needs to protect nature. There are many ways in which we can reside in our nature by constructing nature friendly homes and building houses by exploiting less natural resources and harming no natural beings.


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