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To ensure project success there are a number of criteria to consider when it comes to extending. You might forget crucial details design details or even legalities at the time of extension. Extending your home is a good plan because this way you can add space, liveability, and value to your home. This blog will provide you with essential details if you are planning for an extension.

Where to start from?

For every apartments, flats, and villas in Thrissur designing the project is the first step of every home extension plan. A custom plan is required for every home extension process. With the help of a professional draughtsman or an architect developers in Trichur complete the design for various homes in Thrissur. As this process add value and liveability to the property it is essential to choose the right person for this job. Consider suggestions from your friends, neighbours, and relatives when interviewing you’re shortlisted of preferred designers. In this way, you will get familiar with the type of workmanship and it will help you to make an informed decision.

Does it require a planning permission?

Homeowners must guarantee that their new renovation plan must for their property be approved by the law, by the relevant local authorities. It must liaise with the planning department of your local municipality if you want to add on a room, a swimming pool or a second storey etc. And before proceeding, villa builders in Thrissur get planning permission from the municipality. A good architect will be able to design and submit the building plans to your local municipal planning department. It is advisable to be aware of the fee structure that the process entails. A draughtsperson would be better suited and more cost-effective for smaller home alterations.

Be clear with the extension purpose

Usually, homeowners sink into their extension project but they put very little thought into what it is they are trying to achieve. It is obligatory to establish the purpose of your home extension. Your plans should not be the ideas of listing random thoughts you have collected over the years. In lieu, it should reflect any unique and personal aspects which consist of the purpose of the extension. To create a detailed brief clarity on what you want to achieve with your home extension is very important. It also helps to prevent overspending on unnecessary items and space.  

Consider the space to extend

If you are looking for an extra bedroom for a new office or your home you should thoroughly know about your home extension. Also be very clear about the alteration you may need to make your home. This will help to determine the kind of alteration you may need to make to your home. For extension purpose use tips such as use rope as a marker to visualize the amount of extension plan, refer the size of the existing room as a guide, keep one’s eye off and evaluate whether you are happy with the volume of space remaining afterward.

Decide the part to be extended

Extension space is the next big fact one must consider. You should consider adding a second storey if you don’t have enough space to extend at ground level. Even though replacing a new floor structure and backing the new upper-floor walls can be a little costly but it is a great way to maintain your patio space. Making pace for a second storey will upgrade the pleasing appeal of your home. It is advisable to choose a good building architect to help you balance the cultivated and realistic considerations to avoid home extension that looks like tacked on.

Check whether your plan impact on neighbours?

If you are making major alterations on your property it is necessary to consider whether your home extension will affect your neighbours. If your neighbour shares a wall with you then it is just to check whether your alterations would affect your neighbours. If your plans affect the quality of life then consider social aspect too.

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Listen to your neighbours

If you have an extension plan there is no such rule from the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act to get legal permission from the neighbours. But in certain conditions, a neighbour has the right to object against your home extension if the rules of that particular area allow for it. Although it won’t prevent the building plan from being approved a neighbour can submit their objection. The local authority is responsible for making a decision regarding your plans.

What are the costs involved?

The cost which comes along the destruction works is the central elements of a home extension you must notice. Different tradespeople like carpenters, electricians, plumbers, tilers, plasterboard experts, and painters are needed to complete the extension process depending upon the affected rooms. Villas in Thrissur town account these additional expenses in your project’s account.

Check with illumination factors

Investing in bringing sunlight and warmth to your house is the key consideration when extending your home especially in the place like the living room where you spend more time. This method will provide a more comfortable space and will reduce the amount of artificial heating. A little sunlight will be wonderful in winter. Also, to protect yourself from scorching summer it is important to be aware of the amount of sunlight entering your house.

Is there any need to shift your space?

Living throughout the same build can be less expensive and more convenient. Nevertheless stretching a substantial amount of upgradation work to an existing part of the house sometimes finds to be difficult to live until the completion of the project. In such situations arrange the extension project platform so that you can move from one part of the house to another.

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How to find a builder?

In a home extension project finding a right builder for constructing new villa projects in Thrissur is the most important factor. It is vital to assign a builder who is logged with a professional reputable organization. References are advisable from experienced people when you are looking for a builder. Choose the one who is well-known in doing the work within your budgets.

How long will it take?

Even a quick and simple extension can extend up to four to six weeks even if you add a small amount of space under an existing roofline. This is the same for adding a kitchen or bathroom. Large extensions would take three to six months or longer. Set a strict timetable for completion of the project.

Don’t Forget Building Control

A full plan should be done and submitted before you start with your work. This is done because it will help to confirm that the design meets all the required standards before the work starts.

To bring the elegance of God’s own country to city life by conceiving a safe, pollution free and opulent living environment within an urban centre. Also, our homes in Trichur provide an international living standard in a rich green setting with traditional architecture and modern engineering. We are the builders with social commitment who love and concern about society. In the heart of Thrissur city, we move ahead with prompt delivery, timely completion, and wholehearted commitment. With the support of creative architect, skilled labours, and experienced engineers we always deliver more than your expectations.


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