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Beat The Heat This Summer In Apartments

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Haritha Homes is a reputed builders and developers in Thrissur affording our services to the public for many years now. We have been successful in real estate as we have completed a enormous number of eco friendly projects in Thrissur and beyond.

Summer is about to come!. Living in apartment can be harsh especially during these times and is tiresome to beat the heat. The temperature rises and and no one wants to be sweaty and wet. So it is essential to keep your apartment and yourself cool.

eco friendly villas

1. Decorate your environment with greenery. All plants and trees require water and sunlight and they absorb heat from the surroundings. During the summer it is advised to sit under a tree than under the building shades or indoors because concrete structures reflects the heat rather than absorbing it.

2. Summers are scorching during daytime so we have to take advantage of the period after sunset when cooling comes into effect. Switch on your fan or air conditioner whichever is affordable to you during night with open windows to suck in the cool breeze from outside and close it during the day to reduce incoming of humidity.

3. Keep your body cool at this period of the year. Use chilled water to have bath at least twice a day will help control sweating unnecessarily. Have some cool refreshments packed with ice or cold water, some of it include coconut water, lemon water will reduce the body temperature.

4. Run your home appliances during night as these machines releases heat into the surroundings during their course of work. It is to be noted that to keep the blinds and curtains open while running any appliance and is advised to make enough ventilations at the time of cooking to reduce congestion of hot air inside.

5. Have some shower from natural water resources like ponds, rivers or with well water. Even though the air is humid during summers, water from well or pond will be always be much lower no matter how soaring the temperature is.

6. Do you have the practice of gardening in your apartment? If yes keep up the good work,if it is converse- start one now!. Their are lot of advantages of this concept because it is a regular source of income + you can grow and serve your own fresh natural food items without the fear of pesticides. Also watering the garden can reduce the nearby temperature by 15% according to studies.

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