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8 Tips for moving to a new place

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by Haritha Homes
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flats and apartments, villas in Thrissur
Moving to a new city is always a risky and hard task. Especially when you are moving from a comfortable home. Being in a city for years and when you are a force to move to another city, you cannot compromise on something less than the best home. It is even harder to shift from a village area to any busy town and ended up losing a calm and composed home for busy, hectic and noisy city life. Can’t neglect the fact that even shifting from a metropolitan city to a remote village in order to miss the facilities and availability that city offers. Here are some tips for a happy movement from one place to another.

  1. Search for a temporary place

Searching for a temporary accommodation comes handy when you are not sure about the place and its availability. When it confirmed that you have to move to another city, search for temporary and reasonable rate hotels, monthly available lodge or any paying guest facility for a limited period of time. This will help you to move into the place alone and can search a good comfortable place where you can restore your family life. Suppose you are moving  to Thrissur, you can search for flats and apartments, villas in Thrissur to get an appropriate temporary place Thrissur city or nearby areas

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2. Local Help.

Looking for a perfect house from miles away may not be an ideal plan. Although online searches give you a lot of easiness. However, the actual status of the property and environment mostly differ from online status. Because nobody going to put their bad property parts online. Here is some point which should be verified by inspecting the room itself.

a, Painting status
Status of paint cannot rely on online since there is an option to alter the dirty parts of the wall. Hence, inspect the same by yourself or send any trusted local to inspect it for you

b, Environment

The environment may be different in from the online pics. Cameras do show an enhanced beauty side of any view hence, cannot rely on how good the situation out there.

c, Taps, flushes, and bathrooms

Most of the time, we don’t check the tap flushes and bathrooms and it becomes extremely inconvenient in our busy life. Do check it personally and thoroughly for a peaceful home.

d, Items of furniture and Kitchen

This is mostly checked by any home seeker. However, these failing on finding the flows can lead to a clash with house owner later. Hence, personally or via trustworthy local, make sure that every furniture and kitchen settings are ok and if not, inform the house owner.

e, Way to your home

Most of the time, even though your house, if perfectly fine, the path from the main road to your home may be pathetic. This will be frustrating over the time to cross that path on a daily basis

3. Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids is one of the difficult parts when shifting locations. List of priorities increases when you have a kid or more. Based on your kid’s age, you will have to check the daycare center/nursery/school and its locality, ease of access are need to be evaluated before you change your location with family. Even the size of the house, availability of infrastructure and facility such as garden play area, etc will also matter when it comes to kids.

4. Moving out Pets

Moving with pets may not be that difficult as kids, however, it is also a difficult task. A pet-friendly society or flat, availability of a veterinary doctor nearby. Enough allowed space for pets to play all does matter while moving out with the pet. The priorities also differ based on the pet you have.
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5. Environment-Friendly

Keeping ourselves environment-friendly is mandatory now. Recent Kerala floods show us how important is to preserve natural resources in order to avoid such natural calamities. In that point of view, do the search for an eco-friendly house, preferably trees around your home and giving a calm and composed environment. As an example, if you are moving to Thrissur, your search for eco-friendly flats and eco-friendly villas in Thrissur may end at Haritha homes which is Best properties/builders in Kerala /tcr. Its eco-friendly villas and atmosphere gives you a calm and composed home to refresh yourself.

6. City or Village

It will be uncomfortable when you are moving to a new place. Especially when you are moving to a different part of the country or different cultured people. These points are not only valid for interstate or international movement, it even true for those who move to city from village or vice versa. For such situations, residing nearby to the city which is a village in nature yet near to all availability of the city does help from a cultural shock. For an example, if you are moving to Thrissur and searching for Residential villas and apartments in Thrissur, Luxury Apartments, Villas & Flats in Thrissur, eco-friendly projects in Thrissur, Haritha Homes are perfectly apt for your requirement. We are not far away from the city, yet, preserving enough greenery inside our society and giving a boost to eco-friendly villas and apartment, Haritha Homes does provide eco-friendly villas and apartments with green surroundings.

7. Appoint professional Movers for convenience

A home consist of many wanted and unwanted things and when you are suddenly required to move to another city, it is better to opt for a moving facility provided by Movers company who shifts the whole household properties from one place to another. There are many professional brands in cities who are doing this movement service for years and doing a quality work with assured security. Approach a preferred and trusted mover for house shifting and they will pack your each and every item and placed it in their truck for a smooth shift.

8. Avoid Unauthorized Brokers.

While in search of a movement, you will come across many individuals who will introduce them as brokers. Most of them would be just behaving to be one to deal with their known property. The Issue with such fake brokers is they will route you again and again to one property for which they already have a deal with the owner. Hence, you will not able to see the better properties unless you come out of his trap. It always better to contact the reputed builders and inspect flat or villa as per your wish. This is the straight approach and no brokerage need to be paid and no time wasted for such dealings. Haritha homes who provides premium eco-friendly villas in thrissur is one of the best builders in kerala is a notable option in your list.

Moving from a settled home to a house in another city is not easy for any kind of family. Home is not just a house. Many attachments, emotions, comfort, preference, etc are glued to our home. Hence moving to a new place is both mentally and physically a hard task. We Haritha homes, building apartments, flats and villas in Trichur understand that and build homes accordingly that you feel home from the first time you step into our built houses. Our project motive is to build eco-friendly homes along with nature richness around our society so our residents can inhale the fresh air stay away from the city’s pollution.

The Recent Kerala flood thought us that preserving the environment is the only way for preserving us in this planet and we from Haritha homes urge all of you to take measures to preserve your surroundings and make it more environmentally friendly. Reduce the use of plastic. Do a waste management at each home and if possible, build biogas and water reservoir at home for using more natural resources effectively.

These are just few measurements you can take from a common man’s point of view. Because we don’t want to move into another flood where people lost their homes loved one’s and live their rest life in darkness.


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