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New trends in flats and apartments in 2019

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by Haritha Homes

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Every day we are looking for something new to explore. The customer-oriented market always tries to impress us with creative new ideas. This market trend is exhibited with every articles and service available to us. Real estate industry is also included in the list. Apartments and villas are being redefined to a new way of life

Are you in search of making your new home look better with the new trends?

Today, Haritha homes, a pioneer in providing eco-friendly flats is here before you to share some ideas on new trends with the living space. Get some ready to embrace the latest editions.

Firstly, discover some evergreen trends with the interior designs

  • Rich and bright colors : Bold colors have been exhibiting their richness on both walls and furniture for a long time. This year will also be showing a lot of violets, navy blue, and emerald colors.
  • More designs with dark woods : From the ancient era of the royal family itself, dark furniture has come into the limelight. Handles and legs with dark wood design are the ideal finishing touches to the furniture.
  • Tropical prints : Most furnishing clothes were designed with tropical prints, energizing the greenery and wildlife.
  • Metallic touch : Adding a metallic touch to the furniture, mirror, and accessories will bring additional beauty to the household.
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Now, let us discover the trends of 2019

  • Back to nature with eco friendly projects: The decor trends of past years were focused on technology, the new era is expecting something different to make us comfy and relaxed. We can see the coming back of designs to embrace things that replicate the feeling of being indulged with nature.It can give a luxurious ambiance to your home and will add an aesthetic value to the surroundings.
  • Innovations with lighting : We all got used with the normal lighting with no visible attributes that can make the walls and ceilings more beautiful. The elegant vintage lighting is making a tremendous comeback in 2019. Instead of the old fashioned finishes that have been seen in the minimalist style, metal finishes are becoming trendy.
  • Velvet, the fabric of the year : As a drastic move to an innovation, the minimalist trend is coming to an end by furnishings home with more luxurious kinds of stuff with fabric like velvet. You can use it on a drawing room sofa or a couch or in the bedroom to bring an unmatched style to your house.
  • Floral patterns : Floral designs never go out of style. 2019 shows more floral prints everywhere in a house that goes bolder on the furnishings or on the wall. Some designs are made like they make a focal point over the room with brighter colors and large prints. Use them on cushions, bed sheets, kitchen curtains, floor tiles, wall tiles on the bathroom or any other place you think will be nice.
  • Dark and moody colors : Home owners are shifting to dark and moody colors over the light shades. It can make you comfy and get relieved from the hectic work life.
  • Vintage accessories : Make your living space more attractive with some vintage designs. You can style your room with backsplashes and wallpaper made of tin or relates to those colors.
  • Vertical gardens : Walled gardens or vertical gardens are becoming popular everywhere. It is a better option for those who want nature for their interior.
  • Bright wallpapers : Bright and bold wallpapers can make your room look large and spacious. Bright prints are being accepted by everyone. And this is being the hottest trend of 2019.
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Have you ever tried these concepts?

Make your house more beautiful with these trends. If you are planning to buy a house, keep all these in your mind.

At Haritha, we have eco-friendly villas and apartments. We are committed to providing you with a quality house that is, to begin with, our efficient technical team that should be incomparable in terms of rendering service with expertise and experience in engineering.

Our completed projects
Haritha Blooms
Haritha Palms
Haritha Breeze

Our ongoing projects
Haritha Greens – Community living with all facilities that you get at a resort
Haritha Life – Apartments with international standards including swimming pool

What all privileges you get from us?

Secured gated community
24 hours security with a two-way communication channel
An active owners association
Near to railway station and Swaraj round
Access to all major educational institutions
Over 3.5 acres of open space for gardens and common amenities
Play space for kids
Jogging track
Swimming pools
Play courts for everyone

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