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Discover the incredible ideas while buying flats and apartments in Kerala

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by Haritha Homes
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flats and apartments in Kerala

I am really cherished and beyond happiness to share my joy of owning a house after searching for flats and apartments in Kerala. I may be a little talky, more than enough, but I have to address my contentment together with Haritha Homes, one among the best builders in Kerala. I would like to share the very details of all kind of emotions I had before and after buying a house. For the past few years I have had the desire for owning a home. And last month I was able to cherish my lifetime dream with the help and support of Harith Homes, developers in Trichur. I would spend hours on internet, searching for the best options. I used to save the images of houses to use it at the time of planning for my living space. First of all I would like to thank and appreciate Haritha homes, one of the developers in Trichur for every effort they have taken in satisfying my all needs without any compromises. The very first thing that attracted me towards Haritha Homes was their eco-friendly projects in Thrissur.

If you are in a desire for buying a house, then I am sure that I can help you with the same. I am very much honoured to share my experience in buying my house. For me it was beyond cherishing my dream to come true. I have drawn an investment opportunity in owning a house. I was looking for apartments in Trichur, the cultural capital of God’s own country specifically flats villas in corporation limits. The reasons that made me to opt this location was its geographical importance. And its cultural diversity also attracted me to have the best investment opportunity and living space in Thrissur. My desire was completely satisfied by Haritha Homes, provider of premium eco-friendly villas in Thrissur. After planning about the location, I started searching for the images of villas, apartments and flats in Thrissur. Then we started looking for a trustful builder who could make my dream into a reality

Let me make it clear with the steps I had in buying my new house

  • Look at your budget – This will be a big task in deciding the budget for our dream. We need everything and it could happen with our limited budget. Take a detailed look at your finance and start planning with the same. A realistic picture of payment that you can afford on this mortgage can be then drawn from the details. You can have own funds or you have to borrow it from a reliable source of finance. The best and optimum level or source should only be taken. It is your investment and take due care for not making it to a burden.

  • Prepare a priority list – Discuss with your spouse and other family members about their needs and list out the same to make a priority list. It is better to going for the house which can make you happy and do not go for one which is luxurious and out of your need. It should be a happy living space and not an exhibition building. And when it comes to need, check your long run needs too. A plan you have made on your house may be difficult to revise and you may need to invest more amount on that.

  • Get connected with an incredible builder – I can proudly refer Haritha Homes, villas, apartments and flats builders in Thrissur. They have a vast years of experience and are very knowledgeable about the very details of real estate. Reasonable cost cannot make a builder perfect, the main part is how quality is maintained in construction and how it could meet our wants.

  • Do an inspection before buying – We could get a chance to properly inspect our prospective house. At Haritha Homes we got the opportunity to see the ready to occupy villas in Thrissur. Just one inspection or seeing one house is not enough. You should get enough time to do this and make decision only after a tight discussion. House hunting can be filled with confusions and stress. Just relax and take only a right decision.

  • Compare different alternatives – Real estate is a vast business and there are many agents and builders delivering this service. So you should compare every alternatives available and calculate the opportunity cost of each alternatives.

    property for sale in thrissur

I hope these steps I have taken will be useful for you. Maybe you have done all these before, even then you should give due care in making such an investment. I would also like to address what all facilities I got from Haritha Homes.

Why I had chosen Haritha Homes?

*Gated community with security for 24 hours was one of the highlighting promises I got from this exclusive address.

*Easy access to essential infrastructures like hospitals, educational institutions, railway station and many other privileges  have been given by Haritha Homes

*Synergising nature with modern amenities on 150 units across 12 acres and

3.5 acres of open space for garden and common amenities enabling my children to play with nature was another attraction.

*It has become a common practice of providing flats with swimming pool in Thrissur, but Haritha Homes avails the most hygiene pool and also offers jogging track and play courts that helped me a lot to lead a healthy life.

property for sale in thrissur

Now you have completely dealt with the ideas in buying a home of your dream. I am sure that those who have bought a home can help you in giving feedback about the same in a very good way. This is because, only after buying a home we could know the mistakes we had made. And if there is a well experienced builder to assist you, then you do not have to worry about the same. This is how i bought my new home and it fulfilled my dream and desire for an investment in the way want I meant. I am really very happy to be a loyal customer of Haritha Homes, who made me to lead a joyful time with my family in my beautiful home. And I would also like to address the benefits of having an eco friendly house.

Natural Environment is prior to everything in the world, nothing can replace its important role. If we maintain our environment clean and clear without any pollution, it will gives us a sound atmosphere to lead a healthy life. The environment surrounds a lot and faces many problems too, among all pros and cons,environmental problems is one that is generally addressed about as it is concerned by all of us on a regular basis. Eco-friendly, also referred as environment-friendly architects are building which have the most optimum utilization of materials during the entire lifetime of the construction. These are apparently sustainable designs which are considered to be the best of all

with more use of available natural materials and maintaining  them recycled. Going green or being always with nature in every manner has become a lifestyle of this era ensuring the low imprints of harming practices of the young blood on their surroundings, especially the natural environment. Green constructions are becoming more preferred  for many reasons. This is the reason why Haritha Homes is getting more acceptance when compared to other builders.

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