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Essential Things You Must Consider While Moving In A New House

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by Haritha Homes

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A house is a dream for every people. We make our best to adorn it in the most beautiful way. Nowadays we are spending a lot in decorating home. But we may not be aware of every essential thing that should be brought before entering a new flats in Thrissur or some other place. Here are some points to check before getting into a new house.

Cleaning Products

Your new home won’t be nasty but it doesn’t mean it is unsullied either. Sometimes you need to pay a professional for a deep clean. Professionals is not a must in every case. You can also go with self-cleaning if it is possible.

This should include every equipment that can be used to clean bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen etc. at least prefer things that can be used to clean bedroom, bathroom, kitchen as these are the rooms you will consider first.

All cleaning equipment should be considered in your plan. Checking each and every room of your house can make you aware of the things you need to buy for cleaning each room from top to bottom. Scrubbing sponges, cleaning rags, bucket and mug, shampoo and soap, toilet brushes, toilet cleaner, laundry soap and detergents, a pair of bath towels etc.

Lights and Fixtures

Sometimes Trichur builders will provide the necessary lights and bulbs for ongoing villas in Thrissur. Whereas it is not necessary that they will provide. So you have to provide them yourselves. Some newer models fix bulb in the middle of the ceiling without any kind of fixture over it.

Build-in lights may not be enough for every room. LED bulbs and floor lambs are always a good idea. Before getting into ready to occupy villas in Thrissur you must take in every equipment to lighten up your house before the night falls in your room you should come up with perfect solutions.

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A newly built house will always be visited by friends, relatives, and neighbours. So even though it is new you should be able to accommodate your guest. You should be aware of the number of chairs and types of furniture. Buy a furniture that will really tie each room together.

You will be tired by affording all expenses of your new home. And you might have witnessed your pocket becoming empty. Villas, apartments, and flats builders in Thrissur advises to buy cheap lawn furniture first. This will not only provide a relaxation to your budget but also this can be used until you found something more permanent. Folding chairs are always good even if you don’t have a yard because it is useful to have when guests come over.

Shelves and Organizers

While thinking you won’t get a clear idea about everything. Only when you move you will come to know about the stuff you need to have to fill your new space. This is also mean that you need to find a space to stuff okay with everything sitting on the floor. Getting a few end tables or bookcases can be a great place to start instead of rushing to buy types of furniture.

Luxury apartments, villas, and flats in Thrissur organize your living space quickly so that you won’t have enough boxes lying here and there everywhere for weeks or months after you’ve moved in.

Window Accessories

If you are coming from the place other than drapes then you have to contend with the fact that neighbours can see you at all hours of the day. Finding drapes and curtains should be one of the first trips so that they can help in providing you with some privacy. Get away low quality hanging materials and buy drapes that you want to keep for long.


Many homes in Thrissur come with the basics like fridge, oven, TV etc but the majority of them forget to take smaller devices which are usually up to the homeowner. Microwave, coffee maker, blender etc are some other things needed for a new house. Thrissur villas never forget to keep a first aid box in your new house, have needle and thread for emergency, air freshener to keep your space fresh, rack for drying clothes, a table to press your dress, screwdriver and tester is what we need especially for setting up a new house, dustbin, dustpan, duster, and broom is another essential thing, emergency lighting, floor cleaners, doormats, floor map, glass cleaner etc are a few things that you need to consider while moving to a new house.

Kitchen Essentials

Setting up a kitchen is not an easy task. This section comes under the control of ladies. Buying kitchen equipment will never end it is a lifelong process. As long as the technology exists it will upgrade with new equipment reducing the workload. But while planning to move into a new house you need to buy necessary pots, plates, pans, glasses, cooker, oven(if necessary), vegetable peeler, kitchen knives, chopping board, spoons, forks, bowls, containers to store food items like grains, vegetable baskets to store onion, potatoes etc, small and large containers to store salt, sugar, spices, pulses etc, kitchen towels, garbage bin etc.

Keeping all your new dishes neat is the next strategy. So make a cover to your cabinets and also make cleaning them much easier in the long run.


To keep your room looking bare is to purchase plants with all the furniture and accessories you want. You can also prefer water-resilient plants if you are worried about its life. As they are easy to move around you can spruce up your home without having to invest a ton of money. It is good to fill your space.

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The bedroom is the most private space in every home. It is our responsibility to keep it better always. So include every essential thing in it to make it perfect. Some major things you need to buy to include in the bedroom after moving to a new home is:

  1. A bed of good quality. This is said so because it is the one to be used for long years.
  2. Couple of pillows with quality mattress.
  3. A pair of bed covers
  4. An extra piece of pillow covers depending upon the pillows you use.
  5. To keep the essential things it is wise to keep a side unit in your bedroom.
  6. Prefer a night lamp if you have the habit of using it.
  7. Set a table clock with alarm.
  8. Arrange curtains and rods for bedroom windows.
  9. A couple of blankets
  10. Cloth hangers


This is the final step in arranging a new home. This is to make your home more personal. Get a few accent pieces that will draw the eye. Adding a splash of color with some artwork to the white walls will make space look less sterile.

Many villa builders in Thrissur are here to assist you nowadays if you need a help with your decorations. Haritha homes are one among the top villas builders in Thrissur town, capable to provide you with most trendy and unique homes. We are the first to introduce the concept of living in a single-walled community style living in Thrissur. If you want to enjoy living in close with nature then feel free to contact us if you are looking to buy residential properties.

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