How to Clean Your Apartments in Thrissur during Covid-19
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Home Cleanliness During Covid-19 Virus

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by Haritha Homes

Covid-19 virus! New normal really hit very hard in our life. Aren’t we fed up with being to wash our hands often. We do not have any other choice. The way we keep ourselves clean, it’s also important to keep clean or disinfect the area that we live. It is extremely essential in the time of covid-19 virus. The new normal brought a new routine, a new way of hygiene practice for ourselves and our area of the home or wherever we keep contact. Without second thought it should be followed for our health and happiness.

Let’s take the opportunity of lockdown to disinfect our home space, be it a flat in Thrissur or apartments in Thrissur. To make sure that every corner of the apartment or flat is cleaned and germ-free from harmful and disease-spreading viruses.

Essential Measures To Be Consider While Cleaning Home

  • High-contact surface:

Cleaning or disinfecting a high-contact surface in a home is a very important measure to reduce the risk of infection such as doors and windows handle, kitchen and household items, bathroom surface, toilets, taps, personal devices, touch screens, etc.

  • Disinfectants to be used:

Use disinfectant product which contains alcohol about 70 percent or bleach. If you find difficult to get the disinfectant product or bleach continue with soap and water.

  • How to clean:

It’s very important not wipe the disinfectant product as soon as it applied on the surface of flat or apartments, keep it for a while and wipe it off. Always make sure to read the direction and use the product as recommended.

Mistakes to be noted while disinfecting:

  • Do not keep doors and windows shut while sanitizing the whole home or apartment.
  • Step out from home if you feel any dizziness while using the disinfectant solution. Always prepare the disinfectant solution in a well-ventilated area.
  • Keep lids tightly closed when the containers are not in use. Spills mostly happen when the lids are opened.
  • Do not allow children to use cleaning or disinfecting product. Keep away the cleaning product from children and pets.
  • Dispose of the mask and gloves carefully if you use them while cleaning the home. Do not clean and reuse it.
  • Safety always comes first. Make sure whatever you use to clean your home is safe for your health.

In the case of Haritha Homes, builders and developers in Thrissur designed apartments in Thrissur where you get air circulation perfectly. The reason for good air circulation in apartments or flats in Thrissur is the whole campus is surrounded by trees, plants, and many more. Haritha Homes is a perfect example of an eco-friendly residential area. Moreover, the builders and developers didn’t compromise to keep the campus clean and well maintained.

Nowadays life is unpredictable, we must do our best to keep the covid-19 virus away from our loved ones. Let’s start with cleaning home and disinfecting our home from viruses. That is the least thing we can do for saving ourselves and our family.

Haritha Homes wish its customers good health and happiness. In order to keep health and happiness perfect! All we need is willpower and a handful of disinfecting products. Live safe, live happily!

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