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Effective Gardening Tips to Increase Home Value

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by Haritha Homes
Category:   Eco-Friendly

People who are on the business outlook will obviously think about an idea to increase the property value so that they can make sure a profitable result comes to them at the time of resale. Assembling your home for the buyers in a good shape is therefore an overriding factor here. It not only total up the value of the home but also will get sold faster. Improving the look of the landscape is an additional way to increase the worth of the entire structure.




The exterior view  can be updated by performing certain maintenance options for your garden on the front side.  Implementing this strategy can make sure to get back the  amount you invested on the property. Haritha Homes always stays on the greener side of the environment and positions at the top  among the list of builders which provide eco friendly flats. Villas with swimming pools are made available for our customers who aspires for a touch with nature while living in the urban congestion. Homes in Thrissur are  packed with facilities for garden which will be a perfect choice for activists in the area. So here we provide some effective gardening tips which can boost up the worth.


  • Maintain The Lawn:



     Frequent maintenance of the garden is extremely necessary to prevent it from getting ruined at the end. People may be busy with their routine work so employing a gardener is the best choice to tackle the situation.   If it is not feasible, the owner themselves can be a gardener!. Self gardeners should be aware of the steps to be followed consistently. Firstly keep the lawn to a height not exceeding 1.5 centimeters and neither cut too short nor too long which spoils the exterior beauty.

Secondly pickup leaves or broken branches if your garden is filled with trees. Clean it at least twice a day so that the visitors can understand that it is well kept.

Thirdly shrubs should be trimmed off if it grows in excess length. Ensure that growth of the weeds are stopped with the help of a weedkiller to prevent it from coming up again.


  • Planting With Colors:



 A potential buyer will always come across the garden for green plantations. Lacking plants may lessen the interest of the buyer to take up the land. So design with plants yet don’t make it overcrowded and remove the lacking features so the public who are in hunt for homes will definitely gaze when they come around your property. The enhancements in a much distinct manner will grasp the attention and their mind urges them for a business deal with you.

Flowers can be an attention grabbing characteristic in a garden. Put a fresh layer of mulch on the flower beds can be much appealing for the viewers. It can withhold water in the soil for a longer period of time enabling cooling  is an advantageous to both the soil and the flowers. High tall plants to small ones arranged and kept in a pot near the front gives a welcoming appearance for the guests.


  • Limit and Conserve:



Note that you don’t make the entrance a forest like appearance by  filling with large number of plants. Limit the number of species in you garden and build it in such a way it doesn’t give a view similar to that of looking into a jungle. A garden expert can assist you on the the types of plants to be grown to maintain a uniform look and encourages conservation of biodiversity.

An eco friendly environment can be built favouring the mother nature and  bring back endangered species which are much beneficial for all living beings around. They keep away pests, supplies pure quantity of air into the environment which are much essential to keep up a healthy life.

There are some species commonly called pitcher plant which are carnivorous and they feed on small insects, mosquitoes by attracting them with nectar filled basket. Planting it near the windows at night can give much relief from the pests and flies disturbing during sleep.


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