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How To Baby-Proof Your Dream Home

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by Haritha Homes

There is no doubt that little ones are all the time our most valued asset. Every parent longs to see their baby adored in a secure and healthy atmosphere but sadly most of us don’t even know how to baby proof our homes. For Excited parents, it can be enormous to look around the home to see what changes should be made.

Our home is designed to be a living space for adults, little ones are very naughty enough to do mischievous activities. So the home should be a comfortable and secured place for our kids. Haritha Homes is one of the reputed builders in Thrissur,  with kids friendly living space.

Read the following instructions or tips which makes your home secured for your baby and your happiness last forever.

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Keeping doors and cupboards locked or secured at all times

Once the baby begins to creep and crawl, they will reach each corner of your home, because they are much excited to see the environment in which he lives and curious about little and big things in your home. So providing them with a risk – free environment is the most important thing. Especially need to take care of the bathrooms. It is a huge area where injury can occur .One of the things parents could do is to keep the cupboards and doors closed in a manner which doesn’t allow the infant to open. You can get different baby-proofing gadgets from the stores.

Take care about corners

Infants and toddlers are susceptible to falling, hitting their heads on surfaces and such. One sure thing parents can do to prevent their babies from such accidents are cover up the sharp edges and corners of furniture, glasses with corner protectors and edge guards available in stores.

Beware about electricity

Babies love to explore the world through touch. Once they start creeping they will reach every nook and corner of the house. One of the dangerous things is while inserting their little fingers inside the electric sockets. Recommending parents to use tight electrical outlet covers that cannot be removable by our little one’s tiny fingers. And also keep electrical instruments away from them like a hot water heater, iron box etc.

Avoid cleaning and laundry products away from kids

Chemicals inside our home play a vital role in our babies’ health. The detergents, soaps are the favourite thing for infants to play with and end up having some inside them. It will cause health issues for our little ones. Thus we need to take certain actions to keep chemicals away from our children.

Keep an eye out for heavy objects around the house

The significance of removing heavy objects from our little ones’ path is essential. Babies start to move, roll and play more often so we need to avoid gadgets such as lightings, aquarium, fancy pots etc. The babies are very attracted to these things and it will cause injuries to them.

Provide them the risk-free environment and design beautiful homes with secure and safe objects thus they can play without any hazards. Create a baby friendly home and secure your bundles of joy.

Protect using gates and stoppers

Keep the baby safe from fallen injuries from stairs and balconies. These injuries can be prevented by installing a gate and restricting their entry to staircase and balconies. The chances of climbing windows are high thus make them safe by fitting stoppers to the window. You can also consider setting up tall and sturdy railings for the veranda and balcony.

Haritha Homes comes from the leading builders in Thrissur, accordingly it is a paragon type and mitigation that guarantees extraordinary villas in thrissur. They will provide ultimate comfort and satisfaction for the homeowners. Thus We are the one who introduces the concept of ‘Single-Walled Community Living’ in Thrissur.

The best builders in Thrissur provide the most secure environment for your baby. We provides you a luxury villas for sale in thrissur with living space that you love to share with your family.

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