Luxury Apartments and Villas in Trichur
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Saving Your Space In Apartments

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by Haritha Homes

Luxury Apartment and Villa in Trichur

Space management is a big question that arises when budget flats and apartments are concerned.Many times you compromise in the design when functionality is taken into account. There is always a tendency to stuff everything in a much smaller space when comfort is considered. You might find a huge cupboard that doesn’t fit into the space which it occupies or you might come across a washing machine that take away almost half of the washroom in which it is kept. These small things does affect the day to day life of an individual creating a chaos.

Even for the most spacious luxury apartments and villas in Trichur, space management is an issue where all the furniture get dumped together. Utilisation of available space to its full capacity is also pathetic in such cases. How can one exploit the space in apartments to utmost beauty and comfort? Here are some tips and tricks that you could follow in order to achieve something that looks great for the eyes.

Separate rooms that serves for different purposes is still a dream for many who could afford barely a 1BHK studio apartment. Unless you live in a service apartment or some Premium apartment in Thrissur you should be able to adopt creative ways to arrange your belongings. Even the space under your bed serves for the purpose.

Luxury Apartments and Villas in Trichur

  1. Divide the space into multiple rooms – Curtains or bookshelves can be used in order to separate your small living room with that of your master bedroom. Curtains could provide more privacy to the bedroom. It is advisable to use bookshelves if you want a separation between living room and dining room. Separate areas can be given for different purposes. Your small cupboard could be put under your writing table or you could keep your cactus plant pot near the window panel. Design according to your logic and need.

  2. Make dead spaces liv The unused spaces in your apartment could be used in an effective way. The blank walls could provide a space where you could exhibit your talents. The corner of your room can also be converted into your workspace by keeping a small table that fits into that space. Buy some baskets to keep all the tiny stuff that is required and keep it below the TV stand so that they are accessible when in need.

  3. Go for Dual-Purpose Furniture Modern day furniture makers comes with a variety of designs that helps in saving space. These multi-purpose furniture is used for storage taking less space. As mentioned go for a bed that can be used both as a bed and a storage for your clothes. Use a cupboard that act as a bookshelf as well as a hanger for your accessories. Floating shelves take up less space.

  4. Choose Light shades Usage of dark colours could make your apartment seem too small to the eye. So always select light shades for the wall as well as for the furniture. To make your space visually appealing you could use one or two dark colours but it is always advisable to go for lighter ones.

  5. Allow natural light to fall inside By allowing natural light inside your apartment, your space may look bigger than its actual size. It allows more air passage too. You can also use mirrors for creating an illusion of much larger space.

  6. Appreciate Vertical storage Vertical storage saves more space as compared to the horizontal one. Double deck beds, floor to ceiling shelves etc. are generally used for storage to save space. Books and other belongings could be arranged well using this type of storage.

  7. Create contrast by layering Layering is done in order to add depth to your small space. Layer everything throughout your apartment which uses a variety of materials and patterns. Arrange your bed, sofas etc. in different layers of covers to look more beautiful and structured.

  8. Clear out the clutter Dump of unnecessary and unused items often. Make a deadline like once in every month to clean the apartment space. This will reduce the unwanted things that consume more space. You can also pack up your things which is not required in the near future in small suitcases and keep it aside.

These simple techniques could also be adopted for apartments and villas in Trichur, as right utilisation of space is everyone’s concern. Compact rooms can be made an excellent piece of art using various interior designing techniques. The more you give importance for a neat and organised home more will be your open living space.

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