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Meditation And Mindfulness – Haritha Campus

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by Haritha Homes
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Mindfulness describes way of being in the world . The benefits of meditation and mindfulness seem to be all over the news. In the mindfulness and meditation of breathing practice we use the breath as an object of awareness. We follow the physical sensations of the breath which is flows from in and out of the and developers in thrissur

This mindfulness and meditation practice is not a breathing exercise. We allow the breath to flow naturally and are simply aware of it. So there is no need of control over the breath.  In fact, the benefits of regular practice can help you get and stay grounded. Meditate report of people is reductions in stress and improvements in concentration, your sleep and mood – all of which contribute to academic success!! The simple principle behind this meditation practice is that if we simply keep taking our awareness back to the breath during meditation practice over and over again, then our mind gradually quiets down and we feel more contentment.

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Practicing mindfulness and meditation helps us to be more concentrated so that we can live more deeply, and appreciate life more fully. Cultivating mindfulness and meditation practice in our daily experience and activities is a very effective way to counteract our tendency and hold on to your thoughts and negative emotions. Meditation can provide a respite from this you get connected with the present moments. As a student, mindfulness and meditation practice could be a way to lower the stress related to relationships, academic demands or other life concerns.
Learn to practice acceptance, and to choose your thoughts, and to calm your emotions, in order to reduce stress, and promote feelings of well being.
Benefits of meditation

  • Increased your relaxation,
  • greater control of your busy mind
  • a stronger sense of awareness.
  • Slow down and relax
  • Appreciate more.
  • Observe your feelings.
  • Feel more positive.
  • Be more focused.
  • Manage stress and anxiety.

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