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Entrust A Reliable Builder Like Haritha Homes For Your Dream Home

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by Haritha Homes

Premium apartments in Thrissur<>Career test

               Premium apartments in Thrissur

When the savings of your entire life is spent on the house which you have always dreamt of, each and every penny does count. A house transforms into a home when it reflect your aspirations, desires and dreams. The space in which you can be yourself, the space in which rest of your life is spent, the space in which your beloved ones surround you- your dream home.

The rise in population and the depletion of land resources has pressurised the urban people to opt for flats and apartments. But here it is seen that many people compromise their needs when there is a conflict in the price range.

When you always go for a search for luxury apartments and villas you often ignore the credentials of the builder. Not many check the database of registered companies listed under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website (http: //www. This not only helps in gathering information about top trusted builders like Haritha Homes but also enable you to step back from fraud ones.

        Premium apartments in Thrissur

While choosing a builder there are some important criteria to be kept in mind.

  1. Proper Research -Make sure that you have a clear cut idea upon the area where you focus to buy a house. For example if you are in need of some best Premium apartments in Thrissur then you must go for the most promising localities in the district. Do a detailed study of the best reliable builders there. A local newspaper ad could help you out in selecting the builders who are active in that particular area.

  2. Evaluate the past experience of the builder – Enquire whether the builder has lagged any projects making it impossible for on-time delivery. Also, check the portfolios and floor plans that the builder has done so far. It is very important to know whether the developer has kept their promises so that necessary steps could be taken in future. In case of Haritha Homes thinking twice before selecting us is just an undesirable decision to be taken as we have a panel of experts who have years of experience in the field.

  3. Satisfaction of past clients – To find the right builder that suit for your needs is a difficult task. The market is flooded with quite a large number of builders which injects confusion in the buyers. The most appreciable way of avoiding such a dilemma is to consult the past clients of the builder who has bought flats in Kerala and do a survey about their satisfaction, the problems faced by them after delivery of the project if any, maintenance from developer’s part, quality of the work completed, loyalty to the design and structure of the house etc. Also take suggestions from them if required in the concerned areas.

  4. Resale value of the house – An important aspect that has never to be missed. The resale value depends on the area in which the building is constructed, maintenance and quality of the work. Enquire about the resale value of the projects completed by the developer. You can either contact the past clients, neighbours of the apartment, or the builder itself for further proof.

  5. Never compromise on quality – Don’t hesitate in asking the builder about the materials they have used for construction. If possible visit the construction site of ongoing villas by the same developers so that you will get to know the transparency of the builder. If you are on the go of construction of your Beautiful villa in Thrissur you could get more access to the selection of raw materials for your house.

  6. Basic Amenities – Look for the warranty and service provided, if it best fit your needs go for it. Commitment of the builder while construction and after sales, is a very important factor. Make sure that you get all amenities that you require within the completion of the project. In case of already constructed ones look for the basic facilities available around and within the house. Haritha Homes take care of our customer satisfaction and help them to select from a wide spectrum of options.

  7. Importance of an agreement – Ensure that the agreement given by the developer carries every minute details of the project. Make clarifications on the areas where you find it difficult to understand. Include points if needed so that there would not be any legal issue in the near future. Also consult an advocate for verifying and validating all documents including title deed, sanctioned building plan, occupancy certificate, tax paid receipt, encumbrance certificate, etc.

A home in Thrissur might be your lifelong crave especially if your roots are pierced deeply in this soil. Every native long for own house either in the form of a luxury apartment or a flat in Thrissur. You might be a Non-Resident Indian waiting all these years abroad for a lovely home in your native place or might be a retired government employee where all these years has been shifting from one cottage to other. Whatever you are your desire for a nest is as important as you are to us. That is why our name comes first when you search for flats and apartments in Thrissur. Haritha Homes is a loyal builder for a very loyal client.

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