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Top trend setters in home building

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by Haritha Homes
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Properties in thrissur

Your home is a unique space for you. It is designed as per your life style, your needs and based on your artistic taste. As top innovators in home building, premium Developers In Thrissur has the proficiency and supreme skills to build you a home that is in blend with latest designing techniques and which is also custom-made for you. Need an inspiration for your new home or for your next renovation plan? Here are a few trend setters in home building:

1. Intricate stairways

A staircase is a convenient option to your home if you have two to three rooms upstairs in your home. It makes your home look beautiful. We always have seen stairs at Homes in trichur which are used to climb stairs in case if you have to go to the room in first floor of your house. But now we can see entryway stairways where you can climb the stairs and go to your main living room. And if the staircase is built with glass panes it will make your home look unique.

2. Private outdoor spaces

We strive to make our home more perfect and bigger. Villas, apartments and flats builders in thrissur suggests a simple solution. Expanding your outdoor spaces. You can expand your outdoor space of your home into a functional area. Outdoor space can be converted into comfortable seating area with fireplaces where you can spend your time enjoying the nature and the weather.

3. Indoor and outdoor convergence

When you and your family enjoy spending most of the time in the outdoor spaces you might feel its not part of your home. But this can be rectified by combining outdoor spaces with indoor spaces by placing a retractable windows or glass doors to bring the outdoors closer to you home.

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4. Home offices

With today’s technological advancement, division between the work and home continues to become more and more obscure. You need more space than just a corner of your kitchen. Current trend that all the villas builders in thrissur is to dedicate a separate space for your office work at your home. So that you can work in your comfort zone and in exclusively designed office room of your home.

5. Revamping your master bathrooms

Bathrooms of a home are the most revamped rooms of anybody’s home. There two recent modifications that can done your bathrooms are: firstly, a walk-in showers which makes your experience spa-like and freestanding tubs instead of large soaker tubs.This requires a much less space than that of the soaker tubs.

6. Open Kitchen

Kitchens are the essential part of a home. Generally we have closed kitchens where we have separate shelves to store all the utensils and all the spices. Now open kitchen is more in demand than the usual kitchen. Open shelves to store the utensils is the new trend seen in most of the flats and apartments in kerala. You can try have open kitchen in your home to make home look modern.

7. Open concept floor

Open concept floor is trend seen among the modern family homes wherein people cannot afford to waste space as they have more compact homes. The concept of open flooring increases the maximum usable space in your home and it brings a sense of unity.

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8. Barn doors

Another trend in home designing is barn doors. Earlier barn doors were used in garages as doors but now it has evolved into our homes. Now we can see barn doors in the bedrooms, kitchens, closets etc. barn doors makes your home stylish especially if you keep sliding barn doors. Furthermore these doors brings a vintage look to your home.

9. Farmhouse entryway

A farmhouse entryway of your home will bring additional beauty to your home. This way you can keep the clutter and dirt away from your home. For instance keeping your kid’s backpack, your dog’s leashes and food bowls, and also the dirty shoes on a rainy day away from your home and keep it clean.

10. Sustainable home designing

Creating environment friendly homes have become the main motto of various
villa projects in thrissur. In current scenario of adverse climatic conditions people are in search of environmentally friendly or eco friendly villas. So it is better to go for sustainable designing in your homes.

11. Keyless entry

Are you forgetting your key often and getting frustrated? Not anymore. There are new biometric fingerprint door locks with numerical details already added to the database. flats and apartments in Thrissur have biometric fingerprint door lock to safeguard your belongings when you are away from home.

12. Sinks made of natural materials

Another trend in home designing are sinks made of natural materials. Copper, concrete, and granite etc are used in building a sink. Popularity of white and stainless steel has declined. Also more deep and wider sinks are made rather than usual one’s.

13. Rich colors everywhere in your home

Giving rich colors to the home is another trend that can be seen in Premium flats in thrissur. Warm greys paired with rust, tobacco and brown blacks are colors used by many people to create a soothing and diverse combination of colors.

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14. Concrete accent

A new trend in home designing that we get to see is the use of concrete flooring instead of marble flooring and use of concrete in other parts of the home. For example we can see the use of concrete in counter tops of the kitchen in most of the flats in trichur.

15. Casual bedrooms

Many people have chosen simple and casual bedroom with minimum furnishing. They prefer calm and soothing place to come to in the night rather than luxurious and grand room. Also they use more neutral color palette for their rooms instead of bright colors as they want a relaxing feel the moment they enter their room.

16. Curved furniture

Bored with the old sofa? Go for more cool curved sofa. They are more comfortable and it has extra seating facility. It makes you living room look stylish and easy to move. People are opting for these cool curved sofa rather than usual L-shaped sofa.

17. Let your home be bright and sunny with sunshine

Everyone loves their mornings to be bright and shiny in their homes. But most of us don’t realise with slight change in your window setting you can bring brightness automatically.Fix large transparent windows in your living room and make your home more bright and sunny. This way when you wake up and come to your living room you will be energetic and bright yourselves.

18. Floral design on the walls

Bore and dull looking walls are out of fashion in terms of home designing. Use floral design wallpapers on your walls to make them look more trendy and modern.

Hence these are some of the trendsetters in home building which everybody can follow while buying yourself a home or building one. More and more people are designing their homes in this way and it is guaranteed that more revamping will happen in future wherein you will get to see new set of trends in home designing.

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