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by Haritha Homes
Category:   residential apartments

Are you looking for residential apartments that would get along with your dream concept of a home? Then it’s time that you know the types of apartments that we have in store to provide you with the true experience of a beautiful home in Trissur.

Apartments have always been a popular choice that comes to your preference when you are on the search for the comforts of a home along with the services to serve your convenience. Varying in types and size, they may vary in different versions that could give you enough choice on the search.

We are here to enhance the efficiency of your selection by giving you more insights about your choices if you are in search of the ultimate home experience.

However, buying a home depends upon various factors that may come into your concerns like lifestyle, investment and resale potential.

Before we can help you with the choices, you must know what your type of apartment would be.So, here’s the big question!


The key to finding the right type of apartment that the best suits you has always been about utilising every little space that you have.

Your idea and knowledge about your choices would be the ultimate factor that determines the satisfaction you experience in our home.

Here we have a list of apartments that we have in store for you.


he most popular among the types of apartments that we provide would be the one bedroom apartments or the studio apartments. Especially if you are a bachelor looking for the beautiful space to reside, this could be the most suitable option for you as far as you are a person of minimalistic and compact choices.

As we all know that the very basic one bedroom apartment would feature the following.

  1. One bedroom
  2. A Kitchen
  3. A Living room
  4. A Bathroom

We have engineered and designed the studio apartments with the most compact and smart utilisation of space, yet giving you a vast experience of a spacious home.


To the best of its description, a two bedroom flat could be considered as an addition to the above mentioned one bedroom flat with an additional bedroom to all other facilities provided.

In specific, you would be provided with the following features.

  1. Two bedrooms.
  2. A Kitchen.
  3. A Living room.
  4. A Bathroom

Our two bedroom apartments could come to the complete and lavish satisfaction if you are a family having children to accommodate for.


Although they may vary slightly from the concept of apartments, you must be aware of having a villa as an option among your choices that you could go for.

Villas could be the most luxurious among the types of apartments you could go for. They usually account for a vast and wide living space that comes to your benefits and utilisation.Villas are always tagged by the luxurious living standards that you can possess.The various space and areas of living that we provide come with five different custom types from which you can find your ultimate home experience.
They have all the facilities that come within a gated community. The most satisfying features of a villa are to have community housing and living experience while you still have your private lifestyle on point.

Some of our beautiful villas come with swimming pools and other luxurious facilities for an ultimate home experience for all your family members.


On introducing the concept of “single walled community living”, Haritha Homes can provide the true experience of gated community living.

A gated community can provide a sense of secure living as it accounts for 24 hr security, thereby being a very reliable choice for you and your family to stay in a peaceful vibe and ambience. As we must have helped you in finding your ideal choice of apartment, you can now finalise to buy in your space in our community.

Reputed as one of the top real estate developers in Trissur, We realize the most important aspects that a home should have for a complete living experience for its occupants.

We seek to develop the best homes in Trissur by integrating the idea of community living with eco-friendly concepts that highlight our concerns for the nature we live in. The expansion that we bring about in our developments has always had its room for the nature that we borrow space from.

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