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by Haritha Homes
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Residential villas and apartments in thrissur

Do you feel the most secure and safe at your home?

On a general note, the key to safety living comes with enhanced security systems and advanced surveillance. But the potential danger exist at your fingertips every time you control a simple switch on the walls that appear to protect you and provide a safe shelter for living. The electricity might have reformed our lives on all aspects. But don’t you think a peril chance of a serious danger of electrical hazards exist on a daily basis as we utilize the energy for all activities in a day? Yes. And the impact could be even worse than what we think!

On possession, we might have owned the beautiful ongoing flats and apartments among the residential villas and apartments in thrissur.The community services that these homes reside within might include smart security and protection strategies. But the mandatory area of concerns do exist with regards to safety measures.

property for sale in thrissur

How big of a danger could it be?

The most agile accident that we could fall would be from electric current. While the electric outlets around your house carry a vulnerable power and voltage of 220 volts, only a fraction of the current would be enough to put you in severe danger with muscular collapsing and extreme pain. The extensive demand for safety lies over the electrical insulation of homes from hazards to prevent electrocution. The incidental moments could range from changing a simple light bulb to a setback of a short circuit.  

Can you protect yourself?

The flats and apartments in Kerala are examined on mandatory grounds regarding the electrical safety features. The upcoming luxury apartments, flats and villas in Thrissur followed certain guidelines to meet the safety concerns. As far as existing homes are considered, your safety could be ensured by being aware of the most significant safety measures to follow:

    • Avoiding direct contacts with the energized or live parts of the wiring system.
    • Proper use of switching insulations and high grade plastic sockets that conceal the wires within.
    • Choose the appropriate fuse specifications on lines.
    • In case of household maintenance, use fibre type or non-conductive material manufactured ladders and supporting tools and also outlets and sockets.
    • Use legitimate equipment for the installation of leakage arrestor and grounding systems.
    • Appropriately label and develop good knowledge regarding the location of electrical points around the entire wiring circuit of your home.
    • Prefer to install the best circuit breaking units promising quality and guaranteed usage.
    • Eliminate exposed wiring outlets by proper sealing closer sockets.
    • Facilitate easy access to control panels and circuit breakers.
    • Call the maintenance and support team in case of any electrical faults without any delay.
    • Do not try fixing faults or resort to any electrical works alone. Always accompany someone with you.
    • Do not make physical contacts with a person under electrocution accident.
    • Reduce power consumption as an eco-friendly approach towards living standards.
    • Avoid connecting multiple plugs to a single outlet.
    • Do not pull the cords to remove the plug.
    • Do not approach near high voltage wire before turning off the source elements.
    • Always prefer using smart energy efficient and reduced power appliances.
    • Call the rescue team when the accident plight involves high-voltage wires from overhead line transmission.

The overall safety of our lives depends on the constructional quality of electric wiring and insulation systems of our homes.

Luxury apartments in thrissur

The electrocution first aid

In case of electrical accidents do not approach the person directly. We must be aware about the safety precaution measures to be taken, as these accidents are highly incidental by chance.

You must consult a doctor even if you survived electric shock and experience the following:

    1.Severe internal pain
    2.Respiratory troubles
    3.Muscle rupture
    4.Breathing disruption
    5.Convulsion or illness.

The aftermath of electrocution could oscillate through your body for a course of time.


It is bounded within the responsibilities of each and every individuals in the community and also the builders to be receptive of the awareness regarding electrical hazards. Because the accidents that occur on such areas are purely phenomenal and requires quick intuitive reflex.

Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you are not only safe from these possible accidents, but also you have the right idea to approach the danger.

We are builders who seek to ensure quality and safety in our living community. On providing great luxurious and secure living environment, it is of utmost importance that we ensure your well-being.

The team Haritha is on a triumph to create the best community living space by blending the nature and greens of Kerala.

We’ve ensured all such necessary features on our ongoing and completed projects that include Haritha blooms, Haritha Palms and Haritha breeze.

Residential villas and apartments in thrissur

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