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Spread The Essence of Yoga In Your Daily Life

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by Haritha Homes

A new date has been added to the list of important dates to the worldwide calendar, proposed 3 years ago by Prime Minster of India. Narendra Modi while addressing the gathering at United Nation General Assembly (UNGA). 21st June was declared as the International Yoga Day every year and 2017 is the 3rd year of its observance since its inception in 2015.

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Yoga is being practised by people since centuries, but today we can observe a steep downfall in number of people having this habit in their daily routine. It is the best natural and free treatment with which many diseases can be kept at bay to lead a healthy life. Through continuous spreading of the consciousness about its benefits today, every one can build a healthier life tomorrow. Some of the benefits of yoga are:

Overall Fitness:

Yoga can be a companion on the way to reach a healthy and peaceful life. The overall fitness can be maintained by practising different kinds of postures, breathing exercise (Pranayama), meditations etc, and are a great package for your personal well being. It improves mental and physical strength, enhances health, help get relief from injury faster, detoxifies the body and much more.

Weight Loss:

Obesity is one of the critical issue faced by the generations today. Well, yoga can be a perfect solution for that too. Sun salutation (Surya Namaskar), breathing exercise (Kapalbhati Pranayama) are one of the two yoga techniques that can aid with weight loss. Further, a you can become more sensitive to the kind of food taken and alerts the body more efficiently.

Stress Relief:

In this fast growing busy life, stress acts as a villain to take away the joy from you. It can also lead to have serious effects like diseases in long run. Sparing some time for yoga daily can drive away unwanted stress from the body and the mind. Breathing exercise (Pranayama), different kinds of postures, meditations etc are a effective stress reliever.

Inner Peace:

What we normally do while in a disturbed mind is taking a break or have a small trip to your favourite spot for pleasure and this certainly takes away considerable amount of time and money. Notably, the same effect can be obtained from your inner self without spending a single paise. Start practising yoga daily to create the feel of a vacation or a trip

Improve Immunity:

Our body is a like restless machine having a lot of functions to do in each and every second. Any irregularity can result in improper functioning of the body and mind which follows diseases. Do you know that yoga is also a technique to prevent this situation? Yoga does this by improving your immunity or self defence within the body.

Better Relationships:

Yoga leads you to improve the relationship with your friends, spouse, parents, elders etc. Mind free from tension and anxiety enables a person to handle serious relationships in an uncomplicated way. So spend a few hours for yoga regularly and you can see the bond blossoms.

Expands Energy:

After the heavy work during the day till evening can be quite exhaustive for you. Also, there may be a sense of draining your battery down by evening. Yoga on a daily basis can boost the battery up and awake the internal organs. Just 10 minutes of yoga from office can keep the mind in a fresh condition and improve efficiency

Better Flexibility:

Yoga is a must if you want to build elasticity to your body. Practicing it daily can do wonders to the physical appearance. It makes the muscles stronger and overall flexibility can be maintained. Stretching exercises can be highly beneficial for accomplishing this. Also the position or the posture  while you sit, stand, sleep and walk can be improved

Thus we can conclude that yoga has many benefits overall  as mentioned above. People living apart from their homes, especially those resides in residential villas and apartments never get a chance to initiate this habit because of lack of a peaceful environment. Haritha Homes offers spacious flats/ villas to the customers. Along with following an eco friendly nature of construction, it also consists of large common halls designed to perform cultural activities like yoga for a happy & healthy living.


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