Things To Be Kept Selecting Apartments or Villas in Thrissur Town


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Things To Be Kept In View Before Selecting A Villa Or An Apartment

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by Haritha Homes
Category:   Flats and Apartments

A decision related to purchasing of a Villa or an Apartment cannot be made just in a fraction of seconds. There are many things to be take into notice before deciding about the purchase of a villa or an apartment as it is not a frequently changeable decision or investment. The below listed are some of the very important factors to be considered in this regard.

Villas in Thrissur Town

Development Agreement:

The development agreement is an agreement entered into by the builder with the land owner, if the builder is not the owner of the land (or) has a contract with the land owner. It contains the details regarding the terms and conditions based on which the landowner permits the builder to construct in his land. This agreement may also generally have a power of attorney in favor of the developer.

Approved Building Plan:

The plan designed for the construction of the building should have the approval of the respective authorities or the Corporation of the particular area. The approval is important aspect to be taken care of so as to avoid any further legal issues creating a problem.

Commencement Certificate:

Once the is approved then the Municipal Corporation issue a Commencement Certificate which is an assurance that the builder can start the construction.

Completion Certificate:

This is the certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation authorities after the construction is complete and they feel that the building is ready for habitation. The certificate will be issued only if the construction is complete and is proper.

Availability of Markets and Healthcare facilities in the nearby surroundings

The availability of the markets and also health services in the nearby location is also very important for selecting an apartment or a villa. Market availability in the nearby provinces would reduce the strain for driving long for purchasing the daily essentials.
Parking Facilities:

The parking facility for the residents should also be taken care of so that there would not be any trouble in coming days later on. Haritha Homes provides the best parking facilities with all time security.

Healthy Living:

Healthy living is nothing but away from pollution. This can be possible only if the surroundings are clean and green. It is the responsibility of those who are responsible for the construction of particular apartments or villas to see to it thar the surroundings are filled with greenery by planting as many plants as possible and also appointing individuals in order to take care of that plants and neatness around the apartment or villa.

Community Living:

Community living would facilitate an experience of one family with different tastes and cultures. This community living is very essential in today’s fast growing world to see to it that the kids in today’s date do not miss the atmosphere of family and well wishers.

Transportation Facilities:

Transportation is the main problem these days because of the growing traffic. Many people doesn’t like to travel for hours getting stuck in the traffics. So the availability of bus or rail facilities in the nearby vicinities is also an important factor to be taken care of.

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