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Tips Help You To Find The Perfect Builder

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by Haritha Homes
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Thrissur villas

To pick a builder is one of the first and most important things to do when deciding to have a home custom build. To have a true partner you should make your choice perfect. There will be a number of builders you are provided depending upon your location, style, and budget. It’s important to move one step at a time when you preparer to launch on the biggest investment of your life. Not just during the build, but years to come you will regret surely if you are planning to settle for less-than-the-right-fit. To build your dream house you want someone who communicates well, has a stellar reputation, listens and understands your vision and a tentative of happy clients with beautiful homes. Have a glimpse at a few tips to be considered before choosing a custom home builder:

Initial focus must be on quality

A custom home or Thrissur villas is the place where you and your family will live for years to come, it isn’t a temporary residence. It is the place where your tots play, laugh, and run down the halls, rooms, the station where you celebrate with friends and family during holidays, sundays, birthdays, get-togethers, and small functions etc. Finally, you need to worry about repairs, the repairs to critical structural systems that may be difficult and costly to fix or upgrade later.
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The quality of their work is the first priority when selecting a builder. Be sure to check the references, ask about their past projects, and enquire the builders about their structural materials that you can’t see.

You must make sure whether your custom home builder is choosing high-quality products from the countertops all the way down to the framing because a solid foundation throughout is the key to your home’s longevity. You can also ask your builder candidates about the materials they use just to make sure that you are getting a quality-built home from the ground up.

Make a research with friends and family

Tapering your search for a builder can be a bit of breathtaking. You can start by asking recommendations from family, friends, and coworkers. Based on your future home’s location you can browse for builder portfolios and past floor plans. You may check with the images of villas, apartments, and flats in Thrissur for getting an idea. Make a list of potential builders, consult friends and family who have already built custom homes, and conduct the builders thorough interviews. A local home builders association will be capable to provide names of various builders. Check to ensure the builders when you have some names, to begin with, whether they have a permanent business address and actual business location. To learn about local builders word-of-mouth is another great way.

Pursue builders who have been atleast around for at least three years. Know about the builder sticks around once he completes a project. If you want to put a warranty to use, this is what really makes sense.

Remember transparency is critical

Best properties/builders in Kerala /TCR are fully transparent and happy to answer every question from the start. Villa builders in Thrissur will give you a timeline and a comprehensive estimate in a prompt manner. They will give you a clear picture of their building philosophy, what products they use, their relationship with the contractor, and all the different people who will be helping in building your home. Drive away the builders who possess a trouble in answering these questions clearly.

Never be afraid to ask questions

Maybe you’re building a custom home for the first time, but no one enjoys appearing uneducated. Considering both money and time building a custom home is a huge investment. Not only willing to answer your most ridiculous questions but also good developers in Thrissur will encourage you to ask them as well.

Make sure your communication styles are in sync

You should feel comfortable in communicating with your builder and design team. An ideal team will listen to your goals and vision and will try hard to understand what products and design will best fit your lifestyle. A builder who responds promptly and makes you feel like their only customer, if a builder takes long periods of time to respond to you it may be an early sign of experiencing frustration with communication throughout the build. Construction is similar to build a straight road to success. So be planned to choose a builder who has the potential to make that road as smooth as possible.
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You should be aware with the questions like; is the builder readily available when you call, text, or email, Does he explain the process thoroughly, understand the details of your vision, and listen attentively to your thoughts and concerns?. Choose the one who gives a rights solution to these questions. Also getting a complete written contract that details the process, procedure, and milestones are another aspect of communication.

Look for red flags from the homebuilder

Think twice if the builder asks for a large deposit up front. Make a jump ship if he isn’t able to pay for materials as he goes along. Think twice if a bid is riddled with holes and ambiguity.

If the builder seeks a large deposit on the level, think twice. And if he isn’t able to pay for materials as he goes along, you might want to jump ship. Unclear work history, unresolved claims, a lack of references or being unable to contact them, no proof of insurance backgrounds can be considered as a reason to hire another builder.


You will have all your choices picked out when you start designing your home. You may find many options along the way that you will change your mind on certain things. So hiring a builder who is flexible enough to change the style or layout like beautiful villas in Thrissur will help you to smooth out any kinks down the road.

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Everybody will be obsessed with the finishing date of your home. Ensuring a clear image for the same page will eliminate lots of stress both for you and your builder. If you communicate with the builders of flats in Thrissur about your needs they will definitely work accordingly. Finding a builder is not a difficult task, asking right questions is something that matters.

Open to Visits

Most certain you’ll have to visit the site periodically. Watching your new home being built from the ground up is an exciting time. Get information from your builder about the visiting time and policies of visiting. Ask whether there is any need for a supervisor. So make sure you find a builder who believes the fact that half the fun of building your own home is watching the process.

Basic Home Features

It is good to get the answer of the question ‘what things will be included in standard homes from a builder’ because it will help you to determine what types of things will be considered and will cost more money. Compare this information with other builders and see if they might include more in their standard features.

Experience Matters

To establish a nice reputation in the building industry a builder should have years of experience as well as a number of quality homes built. Experience matters a great resource if you are having a tough time in finding where to start.

License, Permits, and Insurance

A credible license, as well as any insurance and knowledge of needed permits for construction, is a must factor needed for the builder you choose because some builders of homes in Thrissur may choose to cut corners.


For luxury apartments in Thrissur, warranties are essential for any large investment. Get a plan from your builder before you start your work about the guarantees and warranties they offer on their construction. After the first couple of years of the home’s life, many warranties are broken down into two parts. Foundations, roof trusses, and structural components are the second part of a warranty that usually has a warranty span of 10 years or longer.

Green Character

Green features are built into homes by more and more homeowners. Bringing green touch to home is not a common feature of all ongoing houses in Thrissur. Discuss your ideas with Trichur builders if you need to construct, more environment friendly home.

Inspections or Final Approval Process

Final approval is a detailed process, yet fun. Both parties will point out any defects in the structure when you and your builder walk through your home. Get to seek information from your builder about their inspection and approval process. If you found out any defects get a pleasing answer from your builder when the defect will be fixed properly.

Haritha Homes are the evergreen builders who combine the latest trends in home construction with classic elements to create an exquisite space for real families to thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the home building process. With high standards and detailed oriented approach to premium flats in Thrissur, we Haritha Homes build functional living spaces that make elegant southern opulence an affordable luxury flats and villas in Thrissur.

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