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Tips For Apartment Pest Control

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by Haritha Homes

Pests are the terrible creatures disturbing our eyesight and leads to deadly diseases in our home. Earwig, Termites, Spiders, Cockroaches, Bed bugs, Ants, Firebrat, Silverfish, Cricket, Flies are most common household pests and external parasite affect dogs and cats are Fleas, Ticks, Lice and Mites. If you left unchecked, pest control can get out of hand and not only damage your property but also spread infections. Prevention is better than cure in case of pest control. Let’s check some tips for pest control.

1.Keep your apartment clean and dry

Even a minor hole, crack or gap on your window, door or ceiling will be a way for pests or insects. Regular inspection of yours can neglect this chance. If regular cleaning not possible clean at regular intervals. Try to stop storing newspaper, Boxes, Dresses and Paper bags for long periods and do check areas like back side of TV, fridge or washing machines.

2.Seal entry points of Pests

Screening windows and doors helps to keep away pests. If a window frame cracked or have any gap then the pest easily enter your home. Inspect every doors and windows regularly and keep the doors of the unused room shut.

3.Don’t allow stagnant water

Stagnant water is breeding source for pests like mosquitoes. Regular check stagnant water in tyres, bird baths, pet bowls outside, toys left outside, rain barrels, plant saucers and buckets. Keep the buckets in your bathroom dry when they are not being used. Ensure there is no stagnant water in your house or nearby.

4.Dispose garbage regularly

Keep garbage in covered bins and discard it daily. Waste management will prevent pests from being attracted to the odour. Don’t keep fruits and vegetables overripe it attract flies and other insects.

5.Get rid of bed bugs

They hide within mattresses, shoes, sofas and among other furniture. Exposure to continuous heat work effective against bed bugs. Expose infested material under sun for few hours. You can use lavender or pepper mint essential oil mixed with water as a natural bug spray.

6.Control kitchen pests

Appetizing aromas come from our kitchen not only leads us to kitchen also a number of pests. Kitchen pests include stored food pests, cockroaches, flies, ants, rodents.

  • Make sure there are no cracks or little openings on your doors, windows and around your home. This will lead ants to get in.
  • Ensure firewood and building material not stored around the bottom of your foundation.
  • Clean up food spills immediately.
  • Store food in tightly sealed airtight containers and clean up containers regularly.
  • Keep pet bowls clean.
  • Make sure garbage cans are away from home.

Ants :  Typically ants enter our home in search of food or shelter. Once they get in your home, they will find way to survive. So clear the chances of get in. They are most likely Odorous house ants, Argentine ants or Pavement ants.

Cockroaches : They are common pest where food is prepared and sanitation is lacking. They create headache for us by contaminate food, household items, kitchen utensils and leave unpleasant odour. Some people may become allergic to cockroaches after exposure. Cockroaches are carriers of diseases like Salmonella, Dysentery.

To get rid of cockroaches,

  • Clean up hiding space of cockroaches and remove food and water resources.
  • Empty and clean cabinets. Keep your sink free of dirty dishes.
  • Use aerosol sprays to attack the cockroaches. You can spray it in their hiding space. Keep it away from children , inhalation of spray droplets may cause health issues.
  • Bait station are one of the most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches.
  • Boric acid available in gel and powder form. Dust are commonly used for pest control. It is relatively harmless to humans. Apply area where cockroaches walk-through.

Rodents : Use rat traps and mouse traps are effective way to get rid of these pests. Seal the gaps to avoid the chance of mice get in. You can use peppermint oil, castor oil, piece of onions all drive rats away.

Flies : As a quick remedy, you can use salt water spray. Make a trap with vinegar and plastic trap. Try adding some drops of dish soap to a bowl of vinegar and leave it uncovered.

7.Help from professionals

If pest attack your home even after all your effort, it is better to get help from professional pest control experts. They will remove pests from your home without harming your plants, pets and family.

We are passing through a pandemic situation now and all you know the value of hygiene. Keep your apartment hygiene and it can save just not you your neighbours too. Haritha Homes ensure fresh air surrounding which nurture your health and well-being. We developed our Haritha campus across 12 sprawling acres with 2bhk, 3bhk  apartments in thrissur. As all of us clean our home because we like to live in pleasant surroundings. Your builders also have vital role to keep your apartment and surroundings clean. We promise to keep Haritha campus eco-friendly and hygienic for you and for the next generation. Contact us to know more about flats in thrissur.

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